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Server Connection Difficulties


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Greetings everyone,

I'm sorry if there is a better place to acquire this information, but as I am new to hosting a Tekkit Lite server, I figured I would ask here and provide as much information as possible.

I followed what several instructional videos have said to do regarding setup of a Tekkit Lite Server, and (after a bit of fumbling around) I have managed to get a server to load with the proper seed, and can connect on the computer hosting the server without any difficulties. The Problem comes in when I try to connect to the server from any other nearby computers. Whether away trying to connect to my IP directly, or on my laptop on the same network, I am not able to connect to my server remotely. What seems to really irk me is that, as my computer was just put together yesterday, there is only operating system/Windows 7 software involved, so I cannot think of anything that may be interfering.

Some useful information:

Host Computer:

Windows 7 32-bit (Plan on reloading to 64-bit in a few days time)


3.6 GHz Processor AMD A8 Trinity

ASUS Motherboard A85X Pro

ISP: Comcast

Router: Arris - TG852GCT

Port Forwarding Methods:

SimplePortForwarding As Demonstrated Here

Bypassed Windows Firewall Manually per Instructions Here

Ways I Tried To Solve the Problem:

- Calling Comcast; they told me that it isn't a known blocked port (25565)

- Double-Checking Port Forwarding

- I have tried to use both my typical IP address (68.X.Y.Z) as well as my internal IP address for this computer (, the Router (, including the port at the end in the form <IP>:25565

- Tried to search for a list of 'What can go wrong' setting up a Tekkit (Lite) server and came up empty-handed

I am rather stumped and was hoping if there was something minor I'm missing that it could be pointed out to me to try and fix. Also, as previously stated, if there IS a website that contains how to solve problems like this, I apologize and would gratefully accept a link there.

Thank you all so much for your time, and happy Tekkit-ing!

UPDATE: So I let my server run for a while, and now when I try to connect to the same server that was working just a few hours ago, it is suddenly refusing the connection (even though it sees the server with 5 bars on it). Odd ...

In addition to this, I can see the LAN server my girlfriend hosts from her laptop, so it would appear that my computer can connect to/see other things on the network.

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