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HELP! How do you add Voltz into a 24/7 server?


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i know you can get normal voltz servers, but me and my firnd film on mine but it is just to laggy so, i own and 24/7 but they don't support voltz, i am with veo serve. i have tried to add it in myself but it didnt work, i thought i got it working but its just normal Minecraft and dosnt even have volta in it....

can anyone help me please?

i have also lookied it up on youtube but all there is is how to set up a normal voltz server and i knows its posibal because i have been on other 24/7 volts server, i have also contacted veo serv suppost manager and he said he cant help me...

please can someone help me?


- Busykit702

my channel: https://www.youtube.com/user/Busykit702/featured

my 24/7 ip server ip:

veo serve website: http://veoserv.com/

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