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How do we keep old Tekkit Lite world with new Update?


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Hi, another noob question here or maybe not. But i have been playing all morning on our Tekkit Lite server with a friend. We both logged off and just went o get back in. We were told to update Tekkit Lite in the launcher. So we did and now have 76 Mods(6.1 Tekkit Lite) up instead of 66.

So we went to connect to server again and it says we have more mods then server or out of date ones and can't connect. I have looked around for a way of updating server and only found where to download the 6.1 Server files.

My problems is if i run the 6.1 server files it is a whole new world without all the work and effort/hours we have put into it.

Is there a way to update old server folder with what files it needs to run as a 6.1 and still keep our world?

Has anyone come up with a good step by step guide on how to do it?

Any help would be appreciated.

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I'm having the exact same problem at the moment. Hope this gets answered soon.

EDIT: For the OP, I've actually managed to update the server. Go onto the front of the website and download the new Tekkit Lite Server 0.6.1. Afterwards, using these new files, boot up the TekkitLite.jar file, and you'll see if forms some files within your folder. Close down the server, and with your previous server's files, copy over your world folder (Whatever you named your world), and the server.properties file into the 0.6.1 server folder. Make sure that in the server.properties, your world's name is the same as the level-name (found within the server.properties). Then try booting up the server.

Make sure you remember to make backups of your previous server before playing with any files!

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