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Need some help with my Tekkit server


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I've installed the Tekkit lite 0.6.1 files onto my rented server and set the Tekkit lite version to 0.6.1 in the Technic launcher but I'm pretty sure it's not working properly. I can log onto the server but the treecapitator mod isn't working and I tried to give myself some mod items but it comes up with 'no such item with id ###', I'm guessing the other non vanilla mods aren't working either.

I was originally trying to convert from classic to lite but gave up as I lost everything and was having the same problem.

Am I missing something here? Everything seems to work fine in single player but I can only seem to do the vanilla stuff on my server. I've tried resetting the server, updating the pack/launcher, setting myself as op. I'm just about ready to give up.

Any help would be appreciated!

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(This isnt a solution more like a helpline)

The Problem seems to be serverside... maybe the rented server doesnt support mods, or if so maybe a vital mod like forge isnt installed properly, try reinstalling the server from scratch then try to incorporate the old server bit by bit and that should pinpoint any problems, also to your problem of converting classic to lite, try using a map editor to copy vital chunks (buildings, factorys... etc) and replace old mods parts (condensors... etc) with a random block (dirt,gravel...) , dont use the entirety of the map because then some materials wont generate causing problems for the players.

Also, Check out this guide to help you convert...


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Thanks for the reply, I've given up on the idea of saving the old world and reinstalled the server from scratch and installed the tekkit lite files, I can connect fine but again the mods still aren't working. I'm currently talking to a server agent

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