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My Mediocre First Attempt at a Nuclear Power Plant/Factory

Jordan Lock

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I wanted to try to build some sort of nuclear power plant so I built this building.

Imgur Album link: http://imgur.com/a/ZNR3h

The building contains four Mark-I-SUC reactors connected to 63 MFSUs. The MFSUs power 12 Induction Furnaces, 12 Rotary Macerators, 12 Centrifuge Extractors, and 12 Singularity Compressors. The building has a fully automated Uranium cell producer. The uranium, and tin for the uranium cells, as well as the ice for the reactor are all provided by Condensers, relays, and collectors; Sort of cheating...oh well. All four reactors and the timers on the filters and retrievers are controlled by levers in the main room. I probably did a lot wrong in building it, as I don't know a ton, but I would love some constructive criticism on what I could do better. If anyone shows interest, I could post the save. Thanks.

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