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We Now have a public mining world that is reset every sunday 6pm EST

What we use:

Tekkitlite 0.6.1


No Griefing you may be banned

No racism, homophobia, or any other offensive slurs

No spam

do not destroy projects or builds that do not belong to you

if you are banned from the server your IP will be banned from all INC servers.

no client hacks play the game right or not at all.

No one is allowed to make mystcraft ages however you can purchase a personal void age for 7 dollars a month.

Respect and listen to staff. If you have a probelm with staff feel free to post it here and i will reply even if the problem is me.

No mass mining in the overworld please use quarries and stuff in the mining world.

please enable close claim on areas that you claim in the mining world

canvas bags are banned due to duping

Please no promoting of other servers in this thread

Minecraft Server IP: lithiumcraft.no-ip.info

Thanks and see you soon

and please comment on anything you think would help make the server better or have some cool mods you think would fit us please let us know

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