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[0.6.1]Oinkcraft[PvP/PvE][8 slots][No Whitelist]


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Oinkcraft is a brand new server I've started and am hoping to expand! It currently has 8 slots, and only a few players, mostly just friends of mine who play on occasion. The atmosphere is casual and friendly, with only a few rules, and minimum server plugins.


  • (almost) 24/7 up-time
  • professionally hosted
  • mobGriefing is off
  • regular world backups


  • No Griefing. (This includes stealing items.)
  • No intentionally using glitches or other exploits.
  • No leaving quarry holes, even in your own area. Fill them in with a Filler once you're done with them.
  • No building within sight (normal render distance) of someone else's buildings, without their permission.
  • No PvPing without permission from your opponent(s).

Since the rules are mostly simple, common-sense stuff, warnings will not be issued in most cases, and rule-breakers will be immediately reprimanded.

Banned Items

  • Nuke - Nukes are banned due to the potential damage they can cause, and relative ease of crafting them.

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