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Tps for singleplayer on multicore CPU

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I'm running tekkit classic on an i7 laptop with a ati 5870m card, it's got 8g of ram and I usually run tekkit with 4g. In on windows 8 as well.

I have played several singleplayer games and I always find that the game loses FPS due to tick processing way too quickly. As a test I created a level with alot(470) of mk3 ee2 'flowers' and the game runs at 2fps with the ticks(white part of the graph) taking up most of the processing. The problem I have is that the java process is only using 20% of my total CPU, and no where near the 4g of ram. I'm assuming since its an empty flatworld and nothing else is loaded except the chunks around me with the 'flowers' that it has nothing to do with the ram, but is this a limit on minecraft?

I have run a similar test with ic2 machines running (hv arrays, mfsu, uu-matter farm of a similar scale) and I get the same results, and I have tested in tekkit lite as well as classic so I'm left to assume that it's an issue with minecraft's base code of how to thread things. Is there any chance this will get fixed/modded or are we S.O.L.?

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