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New Gaming Channel! 1080p Videos - Looking for partners for games :)


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What's going on guys, Dan here and I'm bringing a new gaming channel over to you, I am 13 Heading to 14 years old, My channel is here, But before i tell you the link I'd like to ask you one thing , Comment on the videos and tell me your feedback, It'll help me know what you want, Also leave a like if you enjoyed it, I've recently started up my own tekkit tutorials series, I'd be very greatful if you'd check that out :)

My channel - http://www.youtube.com/user/SuperMrDanielz?feature=mhee

Add me on skype if you wish to apply to become a Super - Super's the community - Means your channel name will be [sUPER] Your name :)

My skype - stantheman2001

Have a nice day, Sorry if it's too long :)

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how convinient your nothing without me. haha. see? your a faker you really tryed to trick me. im not stupid i knew it was downloaded so i tested you. well if i know you right you don't know who i am. your still looking for someone when you could have made vids with me. hah well you missed that opportunity.
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