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Looking for small group.

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Trying to find a group of serious Tekkit players. Preferably about 8-12 people who use a voice chat of some sort. The reason I want a small group is because I don't want a whole lot of restrictions for any of us on the server, IE: destruction catalyst disabled and other such nonsense.


I'm 23, reasonably good at minecraft with a decent understanding of the mechanics behind tekkit. I like working with others on projects, but I'm not very creative on my own. My favorite type of builds are houses, and while I've not yet dedicated myself to any big projects, I've drawn up plans for a couple of mansions. My name is Fragacide in game, and I'll look forward to working with anybody who just enjoys playing the game.

EDIT: If anybody has any questions, feel free to ask.

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Hello my names Brandon im 20 years old I have been playing minecraft back when it was alpha and have been playing tekkit as long as tekkit has been around. I see you are trying to make videos, well I do have fraps and im willing to make videos for you if you need any. I am a great builder and im good with all mods sep for computercraft (im working on getting better) I would love nothing more then to join your small group and make videos its what I have always wanted todo and im sure I can be a great member of your group. If you need more proof I can send pictures of what I have built in a short time in my single player world. Please let me know as soon as you can

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Unfortunately, that's a bit too small for me. I like having a decent amount of people in the server.

As far as the rest of you in this thread, I appreciate the interest, but I don't have a server of my own for us to go to. If any of you have a server that we could use, I'd be more then happy to help in any way I can with it's upkeep. I'd like to ask any of you wanting to join in to say how you can help as well, and I don't just mean with buildings or tekkit knowledge. I mean with the actual part of making sure we will constantly have a place to play and we don't end up losing it. (Not having much to contribute will NOT mean that you cannot join, but having a lot to contribute WILL help a lot.)

Again, please make sure you have a mic and a type of voice chat. I'd suggest skype. If you don't want your personal skype being used, please think about creating a separate account for gaming purposes. Do not give it away in the thread. If we can manage to make this work, then I will have each person participating PM it to me, and I will start a conference call when we get started so we can get to know each other and make sure to troubleshoot any issues with connecting or communication.

bmanxxflxx: I have attempted to make videos in the past, and I currently don't have the equipment for it to continue. I do plan on starting back up in the future, but for now, I'm just trying to have fun with a group of people.

I'm going to be using this thread to organize this, so please check back on it's progress.

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I'm 14 and I cant help the server funding wise sorry the left side of my headset broke ( I cant hear out of it and I need to save up for a new one) But I will be on whenever I'm not working on my Con merchandise or school work. I use voice chat and i'm willing to use any sort of voice chat as well. I mostly use Skype, I've been looking for a group for a while and I have some tekkit experience but I am willing to learn! I know you told me not to put my Skype name in but just in case you need to contact i'm on Skype a lot)

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