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MeatyLock's Voltz Wars SMP LP


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Hey what is up everyone. I play on a server called World War Minecraft where me and the other youtubers have teams on the server (Including Some Subscribers). Each teams ultimate goal is to collect valuable resources and do the normal Tekkit builds while facing against skirmishes, nuclear explosions, and all out war between the teams. I am probably the smallest channel on the server as all the other guys have 10k+ subs. I'll link everyone's channels and playlist down below so be sure to go check them out :D

My Channel - http://www.youtube.com/MeatyLock

My Playlist - http://j.gs/1zW5

First Episode:

The Other Guys Channels:

The Other Guys Playlists:

On a side note I also do other games besides Minecraft so hopefully you guys will enjoy those too. Thanks for checking me out and I love yo faces.

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