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[0.6.5] SerenityTekkit [30 slots] [Greylist] [No Mystcraft or DimentionalDoors]

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Connect with: playlite.serenitytekkit.net

The SerenityTekkit Tekkit Lite server is a safe place for new and experienced players alike, with friendly players and staff. Whether you want to play Survival, SerenityTekkit is for you, our multi-world setup makes it easy to jump back and forward between game modes.

Here are some reasons to join:

  • A safe place to play: we do not tolerate griefing or stealing, and provide safeguards against these, such as automatically protecting chests and other storage containers, and logging every block change. These tools, along with out Builder Application process, ensure that we can deal with greifing and stealing effectively and keep it down.
  • A lag-free experience: we and maintain our own server with it's own connection, everything is managed by us, so you can be sure that you are going to get the best experience possible.
  • A great community: Serenity has a diverse and friendly community, coming from all over the world. We require everyone who wants to play to register, this means that as soon as you start playing you can get involved in the community.
  • Experienced staff: Our staff have been hand picked for their quality and skills, each member of the team is friendly, professional, and experienced.

If you’re looking for a safe place to play Tekkit Lite, with a great and growing community, then you have found your server, come on and join us today: playlite.serenitytekkit.net.

After connecting you will need to type /register in-game, you will then be given links to the registration page of our forum where you will need to register, you will then need complete a simple application on our forum to become a builder.

Want to know more?

  • What items are banned and what features are restricted? You can find lists of banned items and restrictions on the restrictions page of our Tekkit Lite website.
  • What ranks are there? You can see a list of ranks and find out more about them on the ranks page of our main website.
  • What features and plugins do you run? We run some standard plugins such as Essentials, Multiverse, WorldGuard, Petitions, Group Manager, LWC, LogBlock, and Core Protect, as well as other plugins which contribute to the experience we offer.

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