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[0.5.7] Battles for Aldrose [PvE/PvP][22 Slots][Open]


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Battles for Aldrose is mainly set within the city of Aldrose. There are 4 guilds you can choose to join, each headed by a member of staff. Joining a guild means others will protect and help you, but you'll have to share what you reap from the land outside. Or you can be Guildless, on your own against the world, but keeping whatever you can make, mine, buy and trade.

Will you join the Dark Templars, the secretive guild that lurks under the city and led by Admin sconor2222 (LordBelgarion)?

Or the Rumiens, led by Admin veryanthailon (RumielLord), the Arcanist and flamboyant members of Aldrose?

Perhaps the Aurons, the powerful scientists, wizards and alchemists, led by Server Boss Doombolt1(ServerBoss_AuronKing)

Maybe even the Blackhearts, evil and conniving, they wish only for destruction. Led by Owner dylanstar12 (Owner_Pwnage).

The Rules are: No griefing.

No Stealing

Respect other players and Staff

No Discrimination

No swearing in Public Messages

No outbursts of kitty.

And have fun! :D

The IP is

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