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[1.4.7]ChoiceCraft Evolution[PvP][40 Slots][CC-Evolution]

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Request Whitelist (16+ Please) visit our

forums to apply!

Server IP: tekkit.choicecraft.net / 40 slots /Available 24/7


Launched in June 2012 as a Tekkit Server we created our own mod pack in February 2013 starting with a brand new map and evolving into to something different. Our whitelisted community and dedicated staff has made us unique. We value a quality player with knowledge in many of the most popular mods not just mass logins. No more dealing with a flood of immature players spamming chat and ruining your play time join our community and experience these mods in a whole new way.


ServerWide Rail System


Thriving Economy - Server Buys Tons of Items to make you Money


Advanced Machines, Buildcraft, Compact Solars, Computercraft, Enderstorage, Forestry 2, Industrialcraft 2, IndustrialCraft 2 Armors, IndustrialCraft 2 NuclearControl , IronChest Universal, NEI, NetherOres, OpenCCSensors, PowerCrystalsCore, PowerConverters, Railcraft, Tubestuff, WeaponMod, Modular Force Fields.


Use Forestry 2 Trees for Design


Forestry 2 - Farming & Normal Farming for Money


RedPower 2 Tubes


We are running on Minecraft version 1.4.7

Every Player Gets a protected 100 x 100 Zone (can still be pvp’d)

Dedicated World for Automated Mining

Dedicated World for Trialists

PvP World Wide/Raiding Stealing Allowed (other than on Trial World)

Rails/Portals for Transportation

Knowledgeable Staff

Available 24/7 – Daily Restart - No Downtime


Be Creative & Have Fun!


Transporter, iConomy/Chestshop, Dynmap (Livemap), Block Logging,

Worldguard Multiverse Assassins (PvP Bounties)


Limited Only By Your Imagination


Full set of rules can be found on our wiki below is just an overview.

  • Use of bugs, cheats, hacks, duping or ANY other exploit = ban
  • No asking staff for items
  • Respect all staff members (NO means NO)
  • Please speak English public channels
  • No forum of prejudice (race, religion, gender or any other form of bigotry)
  • No Sharing Accounts

Tekkit GamePlay Rules

  • PvP is allowed.
  • You are allowed to modify builds for PvP purposes. You are NOT allowed to modify server owned builds or other players builds just for griefing.
  • Stealing is allowed as long as it is done legitimately. (Full Rules Set)
  • Every player gets a 100 x 100 zone
  • Be prepared to die, it’s a survival pvp server

Please feel free to contact us on our forums with any questions or reply here!! Come play with us!!!

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