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World Server (No banned items)


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Hello my name is Juan Ortiz my in game name is Bombster649. I am 14 years old and i am from Dallas,Tx located in the U.S.A. I have lots of experience being a builder and staff. I dont have many pictures of my buildings but i have some. I can be on alot. I can be on for about 6 hours everyday. Sometimes i will either miss a day without playing because i have a job too. I will try to be on most of the time tgough. The reason that i want to be staff in this server is because i want to be staff in a brand new server that way i can help you all alot. I know a website that you can make your own free website. I am not that good at making banners but i could try if you want me to. I am very good at pixel art. I can also make spawns. Making spawns is the main thing i get picked at staff. I am also really good at world edit.Alot of people mess up using world edit and im not one of them. I think that world edit is the most useful thing in minecraft for staff. Anyways a reason i think you should choose me as staff is because i am matured. I know when to play around but i also know when to chill out and be seriouse. I dont like to troll around with players like most staff. If im ever a little to over protective withthe server you can just tell me to lower the protection and i will. Im running out of words so if you have any questions just ask me on skype although i dont have a mike. Hope the server goes great with or without me :). Skype: Minefreak692 (I can show you screenshots there.) (By the way i would really love to be admin.)

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