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Trouble updating server


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I made a server using the 1.0.11 (recommended) TechnicLauncher.

I wanted to update the server and I heard that you can do this by going in to the options on the Technic Launcher and switching to 1.0.13. After having done this and added in my server however it told me that this server now relies on versions of mods that are outdated. So my question is exactly how do I update the Voltz mods on the server itself to match the newest version?

I have since changed back to the 1.0.11 launcher and can still access the server, but I'd still like to update it!

Also, some sounds appear to have stopped working on the server (picking up blocks, eating, steps, getting experience, opening doors), whilst others remain (machine noises, breaking blocks)

Any ideas with this one chaps?

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