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Issues with Essentials and Voltz servers - spawn points/kits


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Hi, there seems to be an issue using Voltz and essentials (I have the correct versions) I Installed bukkitforge - latest into the core mods folder. Then, I made a plugins folder and processed to install essentials into the plugins folder. I managed to get groups to work properly, however whatever I do tried to do, essentials/group manager doens't seem to register that new players join the server.

For example. When a new player usually comes to the server it's supposed to give them the tools kit and say "Welcome {playername} to the server" However, it doesn't do this and it spawns them a few blocks away from the actual spawn. Also, if I make a roof over spawn it spawns them on top of the buildings. Does anyone know how to solve this?

Things i've tried...

setting the spawn priority to "highest" in essentials

changing the spawn point to newbie

changing the spawn point to default

changing the spawn point of a group

changing the spawn point to none in the config

changing the spawn in a different world

Here's what I think the issue is. On installing bukkitforge it creates a "world file" as shown below21eqgax.png

however... group manager shows that there is a world and "overworld" file as shown below


So I went into the group manager config to look at the parent worlds, and as expected the default parent world turned out to be "world" as shown below


As I quickly found out, group manager tries to call the world file from the server start. However, I found that for some reason players spawn in the "overworld" and not the "world" so I tried a couple of things to try to fix this, however none of these solved the problem.

Things I tried:

Changing the parent file to "overworld" and changing the file on the server start's name from world to overworld in hopes that it would call the overworld file. However, when i started the server again it just generated another "world file"

The main problem is I can't figure out why players spawn in the "overworld" and not the "world"

When I tried to directly teleport to the world, it didn't exist.

Any help would be appreciated.

By the way, permissions for group manager work fine. It just seems that the plugin can't fetch new player data from the world file to give the new player message or correct spawn point.

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