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Hello, there. Here at BiCraft, we are a server for all players out there. We run a normal up-to-date Minecraft Craftbukkit 1.5 server and the Tekkit Lite 0.6.1 (MC 1.4.7) server. Within each server, the worlds are very similar. Our worlds are:

Spawn World

PvP World with Nether and End

Survival City

Creative City

SkyBlock World

Party Dome

Adventure Map Creation World

Our admins are mature people who are always there to help with anything other than giving you free materials. If you ever find an admin being immature, please contact qwertyjl to judge as to whether the admin should be demoted. We also have many plugins to make sure you have the best experience possible. Please note, however, that Factions is NOT allowed in either city. Also, if we catch you stealing items from creative mode, you will receive appropriate consequences depending on what you stole. Other than that, please come and have fun.

Our server address is: play.bicraft.jamescl.com for Bukkit (Normal Minecraft) and play.bicraft.jamescl.com:25564 (type ALL of it) for Tekkit Lite.

Our rules are:

[1] No Hacking.

[2] No Spamming.

[3] No being extremely annoying

[4] No excessive griefing.

[5] Don't displease Admins or the Owner.

[6] No cheat mods.

[7] No begging.

[8] No cursing, sexual harassment, or homophobism.

[9] No explosives that are greater than TNT.

Been punished, and you feel like you shouldn't be, or want a second chance? Go to the forums and apply for a punishment appeal.

Starter Kit: 10 diamonds, a wooden door, 10 Bottles of Enchanting, a bed, a cake, and a stack of logs.

Please donate to the server and get in-game rewards in return! CLICK HERE to learn more.

Visit qwertyjl's personal website at: http://www.jamescl.com

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