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Can someone help me with factions on Tekkit.

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I have installed factions version 1.7.5 beta which works on Tekkit 1.2.5. My permissions and groups are set up fine but for some reason when players talk there faction name does not come in front of their names. How its supposed to work: [Faction]<User>[message] except it works <User>[message]. I am using Group Manager and Essentials 2.9.2 they both work with Tekkit 1.2.5. I have read around for some solutions but none of them work. In essentials config i went to the chat section and put [FACTION] but it didn't work all it did was put an ugly [FACTION] thing in front of everyone's name. There is also no errors that come up in the console. Everything is working fine except for the faction name not showing. Please help. Thank you :).

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