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Unable to Tap Booze Barrels on server!

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I seem to have run into some trouble on my server. I followed all of the steps to fermenting, but when I try to place a tap on the barrel, nothing happens. I have tested in single player, and it works fine, no problem. I have also tried switching to creative while on the server, and it changes the animation (it looks as if I'm "using" the tap) but still nothing happens, so I cannot get the contents from the barrels.

I can't seem to find many people with this problem, and any Googling that turns up the problem doesn't have a solution. Any help or advice would be greatly appreciated.

(I'm running version 3.1.2, if you need any other info, just ask!)

Edit: I have found one workaround. Taps that are spawned in seem to work, but crafted ones don't. This works as a quick fix for now, but since not everyone has spawning abilities on my server, so it's still a bit of an inconvenience. Any extra help on a real fix would be awesome.

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