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Voltz crashes as soon as it loads.

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I'm on creative mode on Voltz and i was trying to set up a missile assault system that consisted of lots of missiles including thermobarick, nukes and emps. Before when Voltz crashed because of too many explosions i could load it up again but this time i cannot even load it, whenever i try to open my work it immediately says "shutting down internal server" and crashes. I have no idea if i can recover my world and hope i can because i have spent about 10 hours on it and wish to keep those hours of game play. Hope you can help me, thanks

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it probably is having trouble finishing the explosions since it crashed part way through, I recommend either A: upon starting the techninc launcher go into options and allocate more memorry to the game, or/and B, upgrade your hardware, these are likely the only two solutions, if you cant do either because of money constraints or other reasons, then im sorry to say, but your world is probably lost to you.

hope this helps.

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