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voltz server version and recipe


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is there any way to always download the latest server version for voltz instead of the recommended one?

i had to click through millions of links to finally get the latest version. is there maybe a github page or anything where i can see the process of development or download/compile the latest version?

and why is there no documentation on the latest change of the recipe of creating insulation? NOWHERE on the internet? and why can't i make insulation out of colored wool? (<- that one goes do developers)

as i said it would be nice to see a github page or anything like that for the voltz mod pack

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Hey, Meandor, I agree with you that there should be a centrally compiled and regularly updated list of Voltz versions and crafting recipes. In all reality, the color wool you use should affect the color of the insulation. Also note that you can use leather to increase the insulation output (from 1 insulation to 4, i believe). Crafting recipe is non-specific: 1 leather = 4 insulation (again, i'm fairly sure of the # of insulation, it might be more or less...)

But they took away a lot of the crafting recipes (or changed them?) for a lot of the mods. ICBM, for example, doesn't currently have a recipe for the 1.1.3 voltz update to make a Nuclear Explosive. This has me rather agitated, as i've built a t3 launcher, panel, and support, and have the ability to make uranium (both refined and breeding). Making the uranium also agitated me a bit, as there is no way to get a nuclear boiler other than to have the admin spawn you one in. I do like that if the boiler is next to a centrifuge it automatically transfers the Uranium Hexaflouride.

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