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[1.4.7]The Perilous Dark [PvP] [100 Slot] [The Perilous Dark Pack]

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The Perilous Dark is a Hardcore Survival PVP server featuring a hand picked set of mods tailored to pvp and survival within perils of our world. Construct a secret bunker with an assembly line automatically producing your nuclear warhead arsenal, or build a massive Hadron Collider to produce precious antimatter. Anything is possible in the perils of darkness as long as you have the will to pursue it. Feel free to go out and make friends. But be wary constant traveler, some people on your path may not be as friendly as you hope.

More information about The Perilous Dark:

• Tight knit, friendly community – Here at The Perilous Dark we have an incredibly close community. Alliances crumble overnight and new enemies are made daily, as the server constantly produces new alliances, you will soon come to learn how far a reputation can get you.

• Explore a massive 25K x 25K map full of unique and dangerous biomes, hide your base well within the massive mountains or deep in the thick Jungles.

• Griefing, raiding, and PvP are allowed and encouraged – This means there are no protected zones and of course, nowhere is safe. Arm yourself to the teeth with missiles, defend your base ruthlessly with turrets and forcefields! There is little room for pushovers in the dark.

• Paid for by donations – Meaning that it is absolutely free, forever. Donating can earn you perks such as useful kits, in game flair, and a reserved slot. Fear not good traveler this is no pay to play server, we promise you don’t have to donate to have fun on the server.

• Run for the community – Have a good idea for the server? Post on the subreddit and gather support for your idea. The server is made for the community, so they help make decisions about the server.

Mod List:

Assembly Line, Atomic Science, Backpacks, BiblioCraft, Computer Craft, Electric Expansion, ExtrabiomesXL, Forestry, Fluid Mechanics, ICBM, Immibis Dimensional Anchors, Immibis Liquid XP, Infernal Mobs, Inventory Tweaks, Iron Chests, Mekanism, MFFS, Modular Powersuits, Nether Ores, Not Enough Items (NEI), OmniTools, OpenCCSensors, Power Converters, Railcraft, Redpower2, REI's Minimap, Secret Rooms Mod, Steves Carts, Thermal Expansion, Wireless Redstone (WR-CBE)

Server Details:

Server IP: perilousdark.com

Mumble: perilousdark.com

Modpack: http://www.technicpack.net/modpack/details/the-perilous-dark.21052

Website: TBA

Uptime: 24/7

Who can join: Open to all


1. No X-Ray, Exploits, Glitching, Duping, etc...

2. Do not ask for items, ranks or creative mode

3. No Advertising

How to join:

1. Download Technic Launcher from http://www.technicpack.net/

2. Once you have dowloaded the Technic launcher open it and find the button on the left that says: "Add New Pack". Click it.

3. Paste our Modpack URL: http://www.technicpack.net/api/modpack/the-perilous-dark in the box.

4. Now simply login with your Minecraft account name and password.

Bukkit Plugins:

MCMMO with custom block id's added.





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