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The Deathzone Warlords 0.6.0 [Small Friendly Server]


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Pretty much a new server iv put together theres a few mods you need to be able to join the server I have placed them in a zip and uploaded them for easy download.


1. Go here http://www.fileswap.com/dl/cOepR2bIvX/ and download the zip, remember to always scan zips for viruses! (this is clean but scan the zip to be safe)

2. Make a copy of your tekkitlite folder to your desktop incase you mess something up this is found here: user/(name)/appdata/roaming/technic/tekkitlite.

3. Once scanned and are happy its virus free and you have made a copy of your tekkitlite folder open the zip and follow the README.txt included.

Thats it, load up Tekkitlite and join our server!

Please remember this is a small server so if you dont like servers with like 100+ people on then maybe this relaxed smaller server might be better for you.

We have 3 admins and we are not currently looking for anymore.

Basic rule... Use your head and dont be a boob play nice ;)

Ip address: DeathzoneWarlords.no-ip.org

Feel free to build anything you like and build as much as you like!

If you have any questions feel free to ask :)

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