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[imo] SMP's Revival Technic'd


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I've been playing Technic for quite a while, and got started from the Yogscast. At first I loved the Dokucraft texture pack. I used the Tekkit remix for quite a while. Afterwards my friend showed me Sphax, which is still known as the most used Technic/Tekkit texture pack. A while ago I got hooked on SMP's Revival. ColTim and KakerMix made a Technic Remix fixing many of the eyesores. But they did not finish. I plan to do just that!

I posted this in the Tekkit threads because more people I know play Tekkit than Technic, plus I'm working on Tekkit mods a bit more faster than Technic.

!!!~I hate making GUI textures... If anyone wants to help, post in the thread.~!!!


None Yet. Send them in!

Technic/Tekkit: [WIP] 5/5/13 Download:

SMP's Revival Technic'd - imo

Changes: Buildcraft should be done by next update. Forestry has started develpment. IC2 GUI textures next.

Voltz: [Planned] No release yet

Changes: Starting with Mekanism and the new Forestry textures.

(Note: This texture pack is not compatible with updated mods, as I have included all the default/unchanged texture so I know what to change.)

Credit: ColTim and KakerMix for the Technic textures.


SMP is one rad dude!

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