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1 and 2 fps making game unplayable


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I've read all i can on trying to optimize this but nothing seems to work. First my computer is plenty powerful. 3.06ghz, 8gb ram 64 bit windows 7

I like the hack and slash mod and I also like to play hardcore. It seems the number of mobs that get generated when i go deep or into a lot of areas causes things to slow down to 1 or 2 fps which makes it unplayable. I'm playing single player by the way

I start a new game no problem..98fps goes for a while no issue. I can see the mass of red on my radar when i go deep or into very nasty territory and the fps begins to dive. I've tried tweaking a ton of things in the options making them fast. I've bumped up memory to 7gb ram. I've turned priority to high on the java exe.

Can't seem to get it to improve. I noticed when i retreated back to my house where there weren't that many mobs fps usually recovered...would appreciate help

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Hmm... Have you tried installing Optifine? I haven't tried this myself as I haven't really had any problems with Hack/Mine, but that would be my first reaction. I'd go with the Multicore Edition

(Make sure to use the correct version for Hack/Mine!)

-Here is a video on how to do that- (If you are familiar with modding, you might not really need that though. Just make sure to install Optifine last.)

My second, (mildly cheat-ey, but far easier) reaction would be to use peaceful mode every once in a while for a second to wipe out the excessive amount of entities.

My last-ditch option would to try running it with 1gb of ram. (Although you may want to try this first.) Some people have reported that launching Minecraft through the Technic launcher with less ram actually helps combat the game's decent into horrible framerates as you play, (I myself have tried this with relative success in Hack/Mine).

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Thanks for the suggestions bytemaster. I'll try Optfine.

As for the modification to peaceful mode I can't do that because It's hardcore. Can't change difficulty in hardcore.

I have tried 1 1gb ram and the setting just below that as well as a few higher but nothing seemed to do it :(

I'm a software engineer of 20+ yrs so I have a knack for solving problems. At a guess I would say it's a combination of hardcore and the number of mobs being generated far away from me..just a guess...but frustrating :(

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