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[0.6.1]IIC Community Currently Vannila! [Towny][Economy][PVP][PVE][Paintball][Multiverse] More!!!!

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Welcome to the International Industry Command tekkit advertisement

We are glad you chose us and we will impress you in ways that other servers havent

This server is a non-greif server so You will not have to ask about this!


International Industry Command (IIC)


Here at IIC we believe that everyone on a server should be treated with respect whilst having the freedom to have fun with friends or by themselves. Obviously there are rules you must follow, you can find these Server rules at: (

http://iic.enjin.com/forum/m/6648580/viewthread/4710797-server-rules). We enjoy providing a stable and comfortable environment for the members of the community with no threat of people who will persist to ruin your experience on the server.


On the server we strive for around the clock protection of you, the community, to ensure you don't have a bad experience on the server. We have many members of staff who have been carefully chosen and are known to be trusted with the privileges of being a Moderator or Admin.

Admin: Thecheatgamer1 (Owner), danniel1998 (Co-Owner), AKman1984, dean2222.

Moderator: Bobmanguy334, Owenmarriott.

If you have any problems feel free to contact one of them via the server or on the site (


You may also apply for the Moderator title at: (


We also specialize in No Lag Efficiency!


We have many plugins that should help keep you occupied during the days on the server. The server supports: mcMMO, Grief Protection, ChestShop, LWC, Multiverse and many more. We have added these plugins to the server to try and optimise your experience as a player on the server. If you ever get bored on the server then you could level up your stats, buy and trade with other players or even go to a whole different world! We have many worlds on offer such as a Mining World, an Events World and the other vanilla Minecraft worlds, like the Nether and the End.

Our Staff are young but extremely Experienced in Many way , We try not to let our users down and are always trying to help and sort out bad situations.

We do not like rule breakers or anything like that in our server!

Our Current Spawn:

Still Under Contruction!




Picture Will Be Professionally Updated by Thecheatgamer1 Soon!


Our Plugin system is carefully taken care of and is all working so well!

Some of Our Plugins are

Essentials(Full set)








Towny Chat


Tekkit Restrict



Legendary Plugin Pack

Many more over 45...

Due to all these plugins it is almost impossible to greif without being caught , but also the server logs every single thing you do 24/7 so do not break our rules or anything!!

Our Server Groups are:

V.I.P(Donator) £ 15

Executive(In Game Money) 500000 Credits


All the donator groups you can buy monthly and also each group gets special rewards and prizes - like Kits , prizes when you buy and discounts on things Ect.

Guest(Starting Group)


Tekkit Lite ! Coming at 1.5!


Banned Items:

Our Full List Here!

http://iic.enjin.com/banneditems(Page is down for now!)

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