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[3.1.2]Madness[PvP][20 slots][iConomy][GeometricMagic][SecureChest][MCjobs]


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IP: or try both because i'm having trouble in that area I know simple but I don't have time to fix mistakes I only have time to make them


[1] Be respectful

[2] Be ethical

[3] Use common sense

[4] If you wish to create a town or a hold notify an admin they will verify the land protection

[5] Do not grief

[6] Don't beg(for anything)

[7] Cusing is allow just nothing that's racist or intolerant

[8] Don't Spam chat

[9] Do not abuse Geometric Magic that is bannable

[10] All the commands your group can use are either under /help, /jobs help, or /help geometricmagic

[11] Make reasonable shops don't put bricks in there and sell them for 10 million dollars

P.S. So there's the rules if your unsure about anything else just talk to an op or if I find you doing something I don't think you should do then I'm going to KICK or BAN you which ever doesn't matter to me

Banned items: I don't think ill ban anything but just if it makes lag or something ill ask you to please stop and if you refuse ill call you names

Plugins: GeometricMagic is the biggest game changer look it up if you want to learn more but please don't abuse it I will call you names the other plugins are

1: Quick Shop

2: iConomy

3: Essentials

4: Mcjobs

5: Worldedit (not for you)

6: Worldguard (not for you

7: PermissionsEx (not for you)

8: Secure Chests

9: Vault

Description: Well, its Tekkit what else do you want you can read 50 servers out there with the same plugins but different names and behind all that their still Tekkit the only differences the Admin's and Owners are usually either Squeakers or Dicks (not all of them) so since I'm not a squeaker (its your choice to decide if I'm a dick) my chances are high of you liking me.

Up-time: Well that's "up" to me I don't think Ill leave it on while I'm at school weekends for sure but other wise its randomly up like maybe 3:00- whenever i shut my computer off.

Community: This server is new so I am looking for ops there is a screening but other wise first come first server and for players joining you start as guest and with basically nothing if you want to join you can't be a dumb-ass so there will be a test for unconfirmed members to test if you don't suck. Punishment for refusing or failing is banishment.

In-depth: This server is for the madness of life and is meant to be lived like that. If you cling to fake realities then you can never truly live in the reality around you this means if you are so enveloped in video games that you don't see the world around you, you can never truly live. So why not fix that live the video game as real life feel like what it would be like to live in Minecraft. That's what this server is about.yUNlTzu.jpglNOmxEv.jpg3hl7Siw.jpgZhokXg5.jpg

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