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Abnormal Lag, Increasing over time

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So recently I've been having some very odd lag issues with Tekkit, and have yet to find the source of this lag. The major weird thing about this lag is that it only happens to me. I have a server that my friends and I play on, and none of them have reported this lag.

The lag started happening after I set up a third quarry, but I don't think the quarry is the problem, given that I had 2 quarries before and no lag at all. Whenever I look within a 180 degree angle of my quarries, my framerate will go down quite a bit. The longer I have the server on, the further down my framerate drops when I look in that direction. The closer I get to the quarries, the less lag I have. I've tried turning my render distance down, turning the graphics on fast rather than fancy, turning off all animations, ect, and nothing works. Any and all help would be appreciated.


CPU: i5-3550

GPU: AMD Radeon HD 7950 3GB


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