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Enormous amount of bandwidth... or normal?

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I am hosting 3 concurrent Tekkit Lite servers on the following specs :

E3 1240v2

32gb Ram

1gb/s up/down

The player load balancing on the three server are :

1 - 40-50 players

2 - 20 players

3 - 10 players

My question is about bandwidth and TPS. On server 1, the TPS is awful, hitting around 4-5 at times. Server 2 and 3 general sit at around 19-20 tps. What can be done about this? What are some warning signs of insane builders? We've installed a redpower clock detector, but there really aren't that many? What sort of things should I look out for, and what sort of bans should be in place?

For example, is there a way to effectively ban cobblestone generators in Tekkit Lite? I know in Classic you can, but meh? What are the usual culprits and solutions for low TL tps?

Also, the bandwidth together that these servers push is pretty high. Incoming sits at about 3-5mbs, but outgoing hangs at around 50mbs, dropping to 20mb/s and spiking up to 80mbs sometimes for a moment. I don't mind that much, but it looks like server 1 does most the pushing. This means, to me, that the tps and the network consumption is tied together. What could be forcing this much data out? The other servers, though with half the players, are only pushing 1/6 to 1/4 of that traffic.

Furthermore, I get 3-4 bars on the connection windows to server 2 and 3, while 1 is usually only one bar. This indicates latency to server 1. All three servers are hosting on the same dedi, though.

I look at other Tekkit Classic servers who can push 200 people on at once holding 18-20tps with envy, even 100 with 20tps would be nice.

Any ideas?

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