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Getting Kicked as OP when spawning items

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I am an OP on a server and keep getting kicked when I spawn in Tekkit items, while in Creative Mode. Can anyone help me with that problem? We have permissionsEx and NoItem.


I have figured out the problem. When I generated the world, no Tekkit-Specific items were spawned in, such as copper ore, marble, and such. This happened because when I downloaded the tekkit server from technicPack.net, i didn't use the file in the folder named launch.bat, and instead tried to run it from the command prompt. This did start the world, but none of the mods that were downloaded with the tekkit server were used because the MSDos wasn't in the same directory as the tekkit.jar and therefore didn't use those mods when generating the world.

So my advice would be to go to the directory using the cd [directory] command and then using the launch.bat command. That will get everything as it should be.

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