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Multiple Worlds on Tekkit Lite Server

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I have looked around and have not been able to find an answer. I am trying to add a creative world to my current server. The issue is when I create a new world using either Transporter or Mulitverse, which are not installed at the same time, my worlds begin to despawn. The worlds are created and I can warp to them but once there after a short time maybe 2 mins all the blocks begin to despawn. I am using tekkit Lite 0.6.1 and MCPC for the plugins. I do run other plugins with out any issues so far, its just when running two normal worlds on the same server it seems.

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Okay. I have been trying to get a multiworld server up and running a a while now and I had this problem. I would port to a new world using either multiverse (/mv tp worldname) or I would use world portal (because the awesome ways you can port). In both cases I would port to a world and everything would be fine for a few seconds, but as you say the world would seem to disappear before my eyes until I was standing in open air. (You can still see the shadows of wildlife moving around though) I tried everything, but ended up having remove chickenchunks AND dimentional doors. Everything seems to be working now.

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