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Nerds4Life: HD Tekkit Lite Let's Play with me and my boyfriend :D


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Welcome, welcome, welcome! Thanks for dropping by!

My long-distance boyfriend (HartfulFlash) and I have hoped to make a let's play for a long time, and we've finally started one!

We're using the Tekkit Lite modpack and starting from scratch, so it's mostly your average survival so far. We're having a few issues with my voice being super quiet, but those should improve around episode 7 or so.

Our videos are HD and the sound is pretty good except for the issues with my voice being quiet and a bit of Skype static. Although we're both American and as such don't have fun accents, we do provide a lot of fun commentary. (Warning: PG rating due to innuendos and some language)

Uploading is a bit sketchy because I'm the one who edits the videos and I go to a really difficult school, so I'm very busy with homework and won't always have the time to edit and upload new videos. Our target is a few videos a week, but we'll see how things go.

Episodes 1 and 2 are up so far!




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