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Disconnecting constantly from server

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When i play Tekkit , every couple minutes now i disconnect form the sever with the error message

"Internal exception: Java.net.SocketException:Software caused connection abort: recv failed"

this constantly happens.

i have already tried re installing tekkit, java. i have done a couple other things as well restore to an early point ( still nothing ), checked if Anything ( graphic, system,) needed updating, i have dedicated atleast 2gbs of ram to tekkit to ensure that wasn't the problem and i have also used cc cleaner to see if any registry error were the problem. I am Really stuck on this one. Could someone post a solution for me because i wan to play tekkit :C

As of right now running a computer with:

Nvidia gforce gtx 560m

8gb ram

1 terabyte memory

windows 64-bit (using java 64-bit as well)

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I have also tried in singleplayer building everything (almost) from the multiplayer world and i run fine no lag no nothing but got no error like that so it only applies to Multiplayer.

Please Help it would be much appreciated.

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Bump, please i really require some help with this problem, also i just discover from sever admins that sever logs say something like disconnect.overflow. so if that helps in anywa could u respond with some solutions

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