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solar panel for engines?

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go some forestry machines on the go but having steam engines pumping away is eating too much fuel and redstone is not strong enough. The aim is to just leave them with little attention to let them fo their thing so combustion is out of the question (had a few explosions from the river running dry).

Is there a simple renewable energy source i can use with the these machines? i get so confused with all the different mods and incompatibilities between them.

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use an energy link combined with some IC2 power/storage The setup would look something like:

generators -> energy storage -> cables -> Energy Link -> forestry machines

note the energy link REPLACES the engines, plugging it into an engine would cause said engine to overheat very quickly.

for generators, use either solar panels, solar arrays (LV, MV or HV) or a geothermal generator which has lava cells pumped into it from an energy condensor.

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