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Deleting all mobs in your world file? [SOLVED]

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Hey guys.

I have a small Tekkit Lite server running on 0.5.2 (for now). Recently we built a breeder and no one shut the thing off. The server won't start anymore, and watching the console as I try to start it the only error I can see is a sheep which is trying to spawn in a location that supposedly doesn't exist. I'm guessing that the sheep breeder has spawned a few too many sheep and has crashed the server.

Does anyone have any idea how I can delete the mobs in the world (sheep) without damaging the world file too much or causing my players to freak out on me. Right now we can't even start the server, or I'd just use a butcher command.

Thanks in advance!

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I found a way around it, but it wasn't actually what I was looking for. But it worked.

In the server settings file there was an option for disabling animal spawning, which happens to delete all animals in the world file. It worked fine and the server's back up. Mob breeders can be dangerous though. Keep an eye on them. Ha ha!

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