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Trouble installing correct mods for particle accelerator.

Myke Ptyson

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I saw the particle accelerator and all the neat shtuff that comes from it. I can't get it. At all. I downloaded the Atomic Science mod for regular minecraft (not technic) and had the accelerator set up from that. But, Basic Components appeared to have everything else I needed, only I couldn't have both mods at the same time, or just switch between the two. Something called Universal Energy, just seemed like a bust when I downloaded it.

It's really late right now and I've literally clicked everything Google throws at me for tutorials and how-to-dos. Will someone, please, tell me how I can make a particle accelerator.. and finally get on with my Minecraft life....

I currently have Forge installed on the regular Minecraft, and appear to have TechnicLite for my other flavor of Minecraft. Although this doesn't have all the TooManyItems-looking options as all the ones I've seen in tutorial videos, would that be a problem?

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