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Survivalcraft Tekkit (EE Enabled) (PvE) 99.9% uptime!!


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Not much to say, I opened this server too make people enjoy playing somewhere, trying to minimize the lag as much as possible, still I cant say its LAGLESS, cause no server is. If you have any issues/questions about the server please ask them below in the comments.

If you wish to apply for Staff:



Experience from befor?(if so what rank)

How could u improve the server?

Why should I choose you?

What rank are u applying for and do you think you've done enough to aquire it?


Griefing are not allowed

DO not ask for op/other ranks

Do not use X-ray or other hacks (wont work anyways)

Do not ask for stuff from admins/ops

Do not spam the chat, will just annoy everyone

Do not be racist

Do not act weird/swear at people

Do not use Caps, will also just annoy everyone


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