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About Atlantis:

Atlantis is an open PVP/PVE tekkit server. This Server may be new but we have a great deal in store for it. Our mission is to create an efficient tekkit server that is as unrestricted as possible, and includes the most unique tekkit experience out there. We hope to one day expand into our own modpack, as well as others such as Voltz. Eventually we want to turn this server into an economy server with bits of role-playing. As of now, this is pretty much the most basic tekkit server, however in the near future we will be adding more plugins better maps a new spawn and working on a custom modpack, as well as more server including PVP, Voltz and Pixelmon, so stick around! You may notice that this is not a 24/7 server. hopefully that will change within the next few days. Within the next few weeks we expect the server to progress quickly, and this may include a world reset, so if you for some weird reason really enjoy the server at its current stage, be prepared for all your work to be trashed to make room for a new epic world.

Server IP:

Disabled Mods/Items: Computer Craft, Limited EE (RM Armor/Tools, Catalysts, Mercurial Eye, Ring Of Ignition, Swiftwolfs Rending Gale, Ring Of Arcana, Watch of Flowing Time, Amulets), Nukes, Mining Lasers, Industrial TNT



* Limited Griefing

* Essentials

* No-Whitelist

* Many More Plugins To Be Added


Because this is a new server I've added some ranks, I don't know if I will keep them in the future but for now they seemed like a good idea. When you first join you will be in the default group, and if you don't get banned by the end of the day you will become a member. To increase your rank, all you need to do if be friendly, helpful and follow the rules :)


Owner: Self-Explanatory.

Admins: Close friends and long- time trusted members.

Mods: Long-time trusted members.

Jr. Mod: Mod testing rank

Elite Members: Elite Members will receive most of the permissions that mods receive, including worldguard.

Veterans: Veterans will receive most of the commands of the server plugins.

Members: Members will get commands such as /sethome and a few others.


* Don't kill new players

* Dont be a douchebag

* Try not to swear too much

* No spamming

* No advertising

* No exploiting game mechanics


Owner: Prometheus (erebosgodofnight)

Admins: maxrasmus Rynver(inactive)

Mods: bobby_t

Respect the staff and hopefully they will respect you.

If you have any suggestions feel free to let us know.

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