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Yogscast theme pvp server


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Do you have friends that you play voltz with but need a server you can all play on?

Do you not know friends that play and are looking for a group of people you can play with?

Would you like to make alliences with people and go to war against other groups?

look no further. This server often has 10 - 15 people on and is run very fairly.

Ask anyone on the server, there is NO LAG

People who use the server don't spam chat and are generally accepting to new members of the server.

The server is less than a week old and is being worked on daily to achieve its goal to be an amazing server. The server already has many plugins but is putting more in to increse user enjoyment

Come test out the server, you will be very satisfied. feed back is well accepted and i look forward to seeing you on!

Server Address:

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