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Epic Crash -- Full computer shutdown and restart upon world load--SOLUTION!!!


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can't find old thread for some reason btw.

Alienware Area 51 M15x; win xp; 4 Gb ram, intel 2.5 Ghz parallel.

Synopsis: Tekkit, and all other mod programs, would get all the way to water sounds at end of world load skreen, and then BLACK RESTART. No blue screen even, just shuts off computer and computer restarts.

But I am running Tekkit Lite RIGHT NOW. Why do you ask?

Well, when using other somewhat advanced programs using Java, including simpler mods in minecraft, and runescape, it did the same thing.


I am so happy to have gotten it working now. Beware, previous versions of Java might be unavailable to non-developers at April end. Here is website:


I downloaded Windows x86 Offline version. Peace

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