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White screen when logging into server.

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Ok, I log into my tekkit classic server (localhost, or external IP - it doesn't matter which)

I have some Bukkit 1.2.5 plugins (list on request) but this isn't the problem, as I have connected with all of these before without fault.

I now - have not installed anything new, but when I login, I freeze in client, and no world renders on main screen or mini-map.

I then get white screen.

Note: Throughout all of this, I am connected to the server, as it shows up there, then, when the white screen appears, I am disconnected.

The message is "endOfStream" in the server.

However, the client does not show such message.

What should I do?

I have tried:

Clearing RAM (via shutting down PC)

Force updating tekkit.

I will try:

Reinstall Java.

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