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[0.6.1]Pandacrafters![PvP][80 slots/8GB Ram][No whitelist][Towny][Few items banned!][24/7]


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Hello Minecraft user! Are you looking for a Tekkit lite server?! Well, You came to the right place!

"No lag, Peacufull admins, Great server!"

Here on Pandacraft the most important thing for us is that you are having fun! There for we will do everything to make sure that you and your friends are having a good experience with us!

Everyone is welcome on pandacraft! We dont judge by your age or your language, as long as you can communicate with players your all good!

If you need help you can contact on of the server admins and they will help you with your problem no matter what!

We are 24/7, join us anytime!

IP: mc.pandacrafters.com

Site: www.pandacrafters.com

Server Rules!

  • -> Use common sense! Basically Means, Be nice to people when your on the server, and respect both admins and players!
  • -> Begging Admins For a Higher rank, such as Creative Is not allowed, If you want More Features Simply go to our website and choose your rank!
  • -> Griefing is a 100% Allowed in Non Protected Areas. So when you are claiming land for your town make sure you claimed enough!
  • -> Advertising for other servers will get you banned without any warnings!
  • -> All items lost by PvP will not be refunded! Neither if you are in the PvP arena!
  • -> No items will be refunded! Caused by, bug, lag or anything!
  • -> Quarrys are ONLY allowed if put in the ocean, or at least 6 blocks under the surface, this is simply to protect the landscape from being destroyed by quarrys!

Banned items:

  • Blue Print Table -> Cause Server Crash
  • Deployer -> Bypass block protection
  • All Turtles -> Bypass Region Protection
  • Block Breakers -> Bypass Region Protection
  • Assembler -> Bypass Region Protection
  • Canvas Bag -> Massive dupe
  • REP -> Crashes Players Client when it explodes
  • Weather Machine -> Cause Server Crash
  • Mining Laser -> Bypass Region Protection
  • All Explosives -> Cause Server Lag and Bypasses region protection
  • CF Sprayers -> Bypass Block place restriction
  • Boomerang -> Bypass PvP Protection
  • Knife -> Bypass PvP Protection
  • Cannon -> Bypass PvP Protection
  • Spear -> Bypass PvP Protection
  • Mass Fabricator -> Caused Lag and bug issues with Towny
  • Induction Furnace -> Had a Bug where you could get Infinite Iron
  • Minium Stone -> Huge bug

NOTE: These items cant be crafted, so dont waste materials on trying!

Removed Mods List:

  • Mystcraft (Cause major lag)
  • Logistic Pipes (Applied Energistics mod that does the same)
  • All Chunkloaders Mod (Cause Server Crash)
  • Tree Capacitator Mod (Cause Server Crash)
  • Dimensional Doors ( Made Random Building in the world)

Main Server Info:

Ip: Pandacrafters.com

Ram: 8GB

Slots: 80

Location: Sweden

Server Owners: qquality, Woop21dk, TardoDK.


  • BukkitForge
  • Essentials
  • mcMMO
  • Towny
  • Iconomy
  • LogBlock
  • Enjin Plugin (Rank-up-System)

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