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im currently using McMyAdmin as my server console but support has become low to say the least, im looking for an alternative to this, something i can easy manage permissions, groups, plugins, chat and as server settings.

any suggestions as do what could i use to replace my current console?

thank you

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You didn't have that in your op, so I assumed you were lost. I still recommend trying the Swap Shop, since you'd have a better chance of getting an answer from a knowledgeable server admin.

I am new to server stuff, so I use multicraft, the console provided by my hosting service. I don't know about groups, but the rest of the things you listed are easily managed through its interface. The website is: http://www.multicraft.org/site/page?view=home

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Forge support is included in McMyAdmin and works great on my server: Go under Configuration -> Server Settings -> Server Type -> Choose ForgeMod in the drop down.

Make sure you rename your servers jar file to ForgeMod.jar

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