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[iNFO] Mod forestry-v2.0.0.11.zip already found in the cache.

2013/04/30 00:41:19 [iNFO] Expected MD5: 84cb652755aa44672ae083d4c7a5e7ae Calculated MD5: 84cb652755aa44672ae083d4c7a5e7ae

2013/04/30 00:41:19 [iNFO] Succesfully skipped download of: forestry v2.0.0.11

2013/04/30 00:41:20 [iNFO] Preloaded 0 classes in advance

but the launcher stays stuck at downloading forestry and a whitescreen window pops up jUFG7Zt

it was stuck there for 7 hours before i closed it

here is the console http://pastebin.com/mVKVNf4Z

for some reason or another i feel like i have had problems with this before lwjgl64.dll

i looked around and found that lwjgl64.dll was not in the natives folder so downloaded it and put it in but now i get this mess http://pastebin.com/341NUPfX

also getting the same errors with tekkit lite

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