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Can't break some redpower blocks

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I've been running a Tekkit Lite server for a few weeks now, and today I came back from work to find I can't break redpower blocks all of a sudden.

The things I've found I can't break so far are Pneumatic tubes, Blue Alloy wire, micro blocks and Support Frames.

They don't even dissapear when I break them: It just shows the cracking, then particles like I broke it, but the block stays there.

Other people on the server don't have this problem, and I didn't have it prior to a few hours ago.

I've tried restarting the server, reinstalling Minecraft and Tekkit, Op-ing and deop-ing myself. The only way I can break Redpower blocks is with a Mining Laser, and that doesn't return the block, so it isn't very useful. It's also worth noting the problem only occurs on my server, no where else.

Apologies for the wall of text, I can't find any info on the problem so I figured I'd put as much info into one post as I could. Thanks for your time.

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