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Have The Requirements For Red Matter Changed?


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I just downloaded 1.1.4, and I can't manage to get red matter out of my old red matter generators. I was told about a bug that existed in 1.1.3 that prevented red matter from dropping at all, so I held off on updating until 1.1.4 came out. Now that it's out, I still cannot manage to generate red matter at all. I'm curious; is the bug still there, or have the requirements for generating it changed?

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thats because the particle needs to be at 50 % velocity now

So there's no way to mass produce it now? I take it they haven't reinforced electromagnets or anything either to survive the explosion, right?


I built a series of accelerators which increased the particle's velocity to 56 percent before terminating in an open end for the particle to explode. I ran all four of these very big accelerators for about an hour or two, full loads of dirt each time. I still didn't get a single piece of strange matter.

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