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1080 P Tekkit Let's Play With Best Friend and his Girlfriend


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So, I guess I am here to talk about why my tekkit let's play is unique huh? Let me write it out for ya.

So as the title suggests I am doing a multiplayer tekkit let's play with my best friend Julian and his girlfriend Sami. The three of us are not trying to do a tradition let's play, or in better words informational. Basically, if you are looking for somewhere to find out how to make machines quickly and effectively, this may not be for you. Instead, we are just having fun, making jokes and building stuff. This is purely for entertainment, but it isn't bad entertainment. We also have a server plugin called mobdisguise, which allows players to disguise themselves as mobs. This makes playing tekkit much more fun as we can trick each other into believing we are creepers or other mobs.

Also as the title says, I record and post all of my videos in 1080 P HD, so each video looks crisp and stunning (at least for minecraft). The audio quality is also crisp, with only a few bad sounding moments. Warning: Some cuss words are used, only occasionally though.

I hope you will take the time to check out episode 1, and subscribe for episodes later to come! Thank you so much!

Link: youtube.com/jlz346

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