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Help...Update failing .. new install failing

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Hi Guys.

Ive just come home from 2 weeks away to find the kids have killed the PC.

Got a new hard drive and installed windows7 and java . Installed minecraft and that seems fine . But my son plays tekkit and that wont run . it looks weird.You cannot see any mods on the left of the screen.You just get empty boxes with "loading" or "Add new Pack".

Also i get this message when it tries to connect.

(failed to downlaod http://assets.minecraft.net/1_4_7/minecraft.jar)

So i tried to pull the folder from the old hard drive . The tekkit load page then looks ok and i can see the different mods on the left but when i try to log in it just says...

Update failed in a box .

Please people . my boy is crushed and i hate to see that .

Any help would be greatly appreciated .

I took a screen shot but cant seem to upload it here?

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