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Electricity generation through heat?


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I recently started playing Voltz, and have now got my base all set up. Coal generator, battery box, missile silo etc.

But then I noticed the electric furnaces and heat generators, and thought "Hey! This might save me from wasting loads of coal!".

Thing is. I hooked up 24 heat generators, each with a piece of lava underneath, as follows.

Outer ring has 20 generators, and a stream of lava underneath. Built as a square.

Inner ring has 2x2 generators, all with a stream of lava underneath.

I hooked these into four battery boxes, and they're generating electricity.

Problem is: they can't even run two electric furnaces without dying out.

So: is there a way to maximize energy output? Or perhaps a better form of 'infinite' energy?


I mean, come on! 24 heat generators, and they're pretty useless, unless I'm actually doing something wrong here.

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